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About PicSpotr

Who we are and what we do

Founded in 2014

Our Background

PicSpotr, as a concept, was created in late 2013 by Milton Jackson as a tool to help photographers “spot” quality locations for outdoor or indoor photoshoots, gigs, showcases and events. Jackson at the time was transitioning into professional photography and had considerable difficulty finding quality software that would help organize clients and manage menial day to day tasks.

PicSpotr was founded in 2014 after months of trialing other online business management software that seemed confusing, arduos and expensive. Our company was founded to support the weekend warrior, side gig, small studio photographers looking to minimize the time they spend managing clients, writing contracts, collecting payments and tracking expenses.

The team worked for over a year and launched it’s beta prototype in August of 2015 to a limited number of photographers. PicSpotr is now available to photographers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany & France.

We are located in Greater Hartford, Connecticut, USA (halfway between New York and Boston) with a small team helping the thousands of photographers actively using our services.

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