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Contracts, Agreements & Photo Releases

Protect your business with photography contracts & releases

Create and Send Legally Binding Contracts. Capture Electronic Signatures from Your Customers in Real-Time.

Contract Features

A key to a long and successful career is making sure that your photography business and clients are protected. A contract with a client can be used to build trust and set client expectations. Contracts help to ensure that there are no surprises and set a professional tone from the beginning of your relationship. They can also be used to hold clients accountable while allowing the client to hold you accountable. For example, a model release secures how a photographer may use the images they take and protects from future lawsuits.

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    Protect Yourself and Your Clients

    Stay a step ahead and mitigate risks tied to your photography business. Create legal contracts, releases, and agreements with your clients to protect your business. You can start by importing your own template or leverage one of our free contract templates. Our wedding photography contract template, for example, can help photographers protect themselves and get up and running quickly.

    You also add template tags for your client's contact information, the date and time of your shoot, and pricing packages. Add your own contract language for situations like:

    • the paparazzi family member
    • acts of god
    • payment schedules
    • digital file delivery
    • copyright ownership
    • injury or illness
    • travel or permit fees

    You will most likely run into situations and need to add provisions so we've made editing your templates quick and easy.

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  • Contract signature pad

    Make it Binding With Electronic Signatures

    You can make a contract legally binding by collecting your client's electronic signatures. For wedding photographers or real estate, you can add multiple clients to a contract to ensure all parties are accounted for.

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  • Auto-issue Bills & Invoices for Signed Contracts

    With our photography business management software, you can link a contract to an invoice. Once a customer signs an online contract, they’re prompted to pay their retainer or account balance.

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  • One-Click Send

    Get contracts packaged, sealed and delivered to clients online just a few clicks. Each e-mailed contract is sent with a secure link for your client to sign their contract. We will also notify you when your client has clicked on the contract link in the e-mail and have signed the agreement.

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  • Customized Portal for your Clients

    Your photography clients can view their schedules, contracts, invoices, and payments at any time by logging into the customer portal.

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  • Download our free wedding photography contract

    Check out and download our free wedding photography contract that can be used between you and your clients. The contract outlines payment terms, schedule, responsibilities and other provisions.

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