Client Scheduling

Eliminate the pain of scheduling with PicSpotr Scheduler

Managing your calendar can be stressful. Going back and forth with clients to identify a good time for your meeting or photoshoot can be painful. These simple exchanges can create a huge headache for you and your client.

With our photography session scheduler, you are able to not only eliminate these pain points, you provide the client with the power to book their session on your schedule.

Set it, but don't forget it

The PicSpotr scheduler allows you to create a session, set your availability and share the link on your website, socials, e-mail, etc.

  • Set available time slots for single day mini-sessions or recurring availability
  • Capture retainer payments at the time of booking
  • Ability to reschedule or cancel events on demand
“It's easy to use. Has all the features I need. The company listens to want its users want and make updates and adds features to the software. Great value. Great customer service with fast response times.”
Dana Ebron, Photographer
“I love the fact that all of my needed documents are in one place!!! My contracts are there. My questionnaires are there. I don't have to scramble all over looking for that. The customer service is unparalleled.”
Korie Mitchell, JessaCole Photography
“Setup was easy and intuitive. I was able to integrate all my client, job and rate info along with email templates without much hassle. I was up and running with everything to my liking in less than 2 hours.”
Sarah Hoppes, Smitten Chickens NYC Photography
“This software has everything I need to run my business. It's easy to use with no learning curve. The price was also very affordable as a young business.”
Valerie Morrison, Photographer

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