Can I track my expenses to see how much of a profit I am making?

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Expense tracking is vital to any business, and we make it easy for you. To add an expense, click on EXPENSES in the menu; then click the ADD A NEW EXPENSE button. This is where you will input the specifics of the expense you are recording.

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Fill out what the expense is for in the title box, and cost in the amount box. Choose which category the expense falls under to help sort your expenses, as well as the date the expense was incurred.

The recurring expense box has two options. Choose NOT RECURRING when the expense is a one-time cost, such as a new memory card or gas receipt.

Choosing RECURRING MONTHLY will add the expense to your report each month automatically. Use this option for things such as subscriptions and rent fees. If you have one, you can add a file containing the receipt of the expense. You can include a description of the cost as well. Once finished, click on the green SAVE button, and your expense is saved to your records. You can track your revenue and expenses in the Insights page.

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