How do I add my contacts to my client list?

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It is important to have accurate contact information so that communication flows smoothly. Setting up clients is extremely important because everything from scheduling sessions to sending contracts will use your client list. First, click on CLIENTS in the menu. This will bring you to the client page where you can see your existing clients, as well as add new ones.

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To get started, you may want to import your current contact list in bulk. Click the green IMPORT button and follow our wizard.

  1. The first step is to download the CSV file.
  2. Open the file in Microsoft Excel and load your contacts into the template.
  3. Return to the site, click NEXT.
  4. Upload your completed file by clicking UPLOAD and selecting the completed template file from your computer.
  5. After your file has been successfully loaded, click on the green complete button and your contacts will be imported in bulk.

You can also add clients individually. To do this, go to the CLIENTS page and click NEW CLIENT. At this screen you will be able to add any of the contact information for your client that you have.

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You can also upload a picture of your client for quick reference. Once you have added all the information you have, simply click SAVE and your client is in the system.

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