How do I schedule shoots and events?

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Adding your shoots to the calendar will remind your customer, as well as help you manage your workload - both of which will save you headaches. First, go to the calendar page by clicking on CALENDAR in the menu. Once there, click on the NEW EVENT button. This will bring you to the event form.

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Here you will add the title of the event, appropriate client, and type of shoot you will be doing. Adding the date, time, and location will ensure that everyone involved is where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. You can also add a description of the event to give your client a heads up on what to expect, or notes for your own records. Once all the information is added, click the green SAVE button. After it is saved, the event will be added to your calendar, and the customer will receive an email with the details of the event.

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