How do I create offers for my customers?

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Creating packages

Once you have finished registration, the first thing you will want to do is create the packages you wish to offer your customers. You can add new packages at any time, but a quick brainstorming session to set up as many as possible up front will save you time in the long run. First, go to the left of your dashboard, and select PACKAGES in the templates section.

1 createpackages

Once there, select ADD NEW PACKAGE. Here you will have the ability to add the name, price, and description of your offer, as well as the deposit if you require one.

2 savepackage

Once you have added any information you want to include, click SAVE in either the upper right hand side, or bottom of the screen. Congratulations! You are one step closer to simplifying your business.

Editing packages

Later on you may want to edit your packages to change price, or rewrite your description. This is just as simple. Click on PACKAGES from the menu, and select the package you wish to edit.

3 editingpackages

Once there, you can edit any of the package’s features that you previously submitted.

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