I would like to customize my email templates, how would I do that?

Email main

We have worked to provide convenient templates for the emails you will be sending, but personalizing the templates is a great way to add your own touch and connect with your customers.

First, select EMAILS towards to bottom of the sidebar.

Email 1

This will bring you to the screen with all of the templates we have provided. Each template has a specific purpose:

  • New Agreement notifies the customer that you have sent a contract for them to sign
  • Event/Shoot Reminder is sent to remind the customer of the date, time, and location of the shoot
  • Invoice is Due Reminder is a notice of an unpaid invoice that is approaching the due date
  • A new Invoice is Ready is sent when you complete the invoice for your customer
  • Invoice Reminder is a quick follow up email to ensure the customer has received the invoice
  • Payment Notification to Client is the receipt after the customer has paid the invoice
  • Questionnaire Ready for Client is a notification that you have sent a survey to the customer for additional feedback

Email 2

Simply choose which template you want to edit. Once you choose a template, you will see the edit screen.

Email 3

You can personalize the message, sender’s name, and subject line. Do not change the info within the brackets - the tags - as this will be added automatically. You can, however, use those tags in the appropriate places to automatically fill in information such as contact details and dates. Once you have customized the template, simply click save. The template will then be available for use at any time.

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