How can I update my account settings?

Settings main

To access your account options, click on SETTINGS in the sidebar below the template section.

Settings 1

Profile Settings - Here you can add information that will be used throughout PicSpotr, such as in the agreements you send to your customers. Within profile settings you have the ability to add a photo, your contact information, as well as your time zone, preferred currency, and tax ID.

Password - This will allow you to change the password for your account

Upload Logo - Use this to upload your business logo. The logo will be displayed on the correspondence to your customers. Click on the UPLOAD YOUR LOGO button and choose the logo file from your computer

Invoice Settings - Here you can change the default design, payment window, and tax rate in your invoices. You can also add a default note to the invoices

Configure Payments - Use this option to configure any third-party payment provider, such as PayPal, Authorize Net, Stripe, and Square. Click on the provider, then click connect. Use your login info for the specific provider, and you will be able to process payments of your invoices through your preferred provider

Manage Coupon Codes - Here you can add coupon codes for discounts on your subscription

Update Credit Card - Here you can edit the card that will process your subscription cost

Billing History - This will show you the detailed breakdown of past bills from us.

Deactivate Account - Though we hope it never happens, we understand that things change, and you may need to leave PicSpotr. Use this option to deactivate your PicSpotr account. Please take the opportunity to let us know why you are leaving and how we can improve the platform to meet your needs by filling out the comment box provided.

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