10 Simple Ways to Get More Photography Clients

Growing a photography business is dependent on getting repeat clients as well as new ones. To revive your photography business, consider employing the following ways in order to increase attention.

To revive your photography business, consider employing the following ways in order to increase attention and clients to your photography business:

  1. Run a promotion
    Promotions get you return clients as well as new ones. It is a good strategy if you are looking for a new client base. A simple promotion could be to lower your prices temporarily for a given period of time. You need to ensure that your lowered price doesn’t make you lose money. You have to ensure this promotion is known by your current clients through newsletters, word of mouth, or social media.
  2. Blogging
    Photography is a visual profession that strongly bodes well with blogging. Running a blog where you share your recent projects could be very beneficial in getting new clients. Blogging improves your credibility and also stamps your name as an expert in the field. This attracts a good number of clients who would otherwise never have been convinced of hiring you before.
  3. Email Lists
    While running your blog or interacting with people in networking events, it is important to keep an email list. Have opt-in buttons on your site where visitors can enter their email addresses to join your newsletter. You can then market promotions or send discounted packages to these contacts to get more business
  4. Feature on other photo blogs
    It is important to find out which blogs publish photographers’ work. After researching and getting this data, try to reach out to the blogs to see if they are open to publishing your work. It is a good strategy to put you and your work out there.
  5. Cleaner Portfolio
    A good strategy to attract new clients is to continually work on your portfolio. As you do newer projects, sometimes the old ones get really stale, or just really old. Additionally, with more work, your skill improves. It is important to update your portfolio with this improvement in skill to show your growth. Possible clients are sometimes just second-guessing your dated portfolio.
  6. Networking
    Do not just look for more clients online, you should try to attend events and present yourself as a photographer to the event managers and create good rapport with the attendees. The point with networking is to leave a lasting impression that will prompt event managers and attendees to hire you for their next gig.
  7. Social media
    Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are very productive sources of clients for photographers. Venturing into these social platforms and building a large following within your local area or country could propel your photography business to so much success.
  8. Referral Program
    You can use your current email list to create a referral program that promises a commission or gift to every new client your contacts bring. You can also ensure this referral program is published in reputable photography blogs in your area to ensure the word is out. Your cut will be smaller than what you used to get since you are now sharing the spoils, but you will have more clients in the long run.
  9. Google business pages
    You can list your business on Google and get free traffic to your business listing for a particular locale. For example, you list “Melbourne Portrait Photographer” as your business name, and every search for a local portrait photographer in Melbourne will show your business as one of the listings within the area. This will considerably boost your business and get you more clients in that location.
  10. Improve SEO
    Search Engine Optimization is a very difficult and tricky task if you do not already understand it. Hiring a professional on a retainer to handle this for you will help in the long run. SEO is the only means to get organic traffic, and if you have a website or photography blog, you can’t ignore it. Improved SEO leads to more traffic, bigger email lists, more clients, etc.

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