How to create a photography invoice template

Invoices are core to your business allowing you to bill your clients for the photography products and services you provide. We'll walk you through what an invoice template is and how it's core to getting paid. Basic excel template included.

What data should be on your invoice?

To make an invoice template, you’ll need to create a professional document that outlines:

  • contact details for both your business and your client’s business
  • the products you offer and/or services you have or intend to complete for your clients
  • the amount owed for your work
  • the invoice issue and due date
  • the payment schedule and instructions

We also recommend that you include any expenses you'd like your client to reimburse you for such as travel, hotel, and mileage.

Free invoice template

Want to get started with invoicing your clients? Download our free invoice template, click here.

PicSpotr can help with your invoice templates

With our photography CRM and business management platform, we allow you to create your invoice templates in the cloud.  When you're ready to bill a client, you can apply the template and send the invoice directly to your client's inbox. Try PicSpotr risk free today »

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