Our next phase of growth (#blacklivesmatter)

How the events of 2020 have helped us rethink who we are and how we talk about ourselves.

PicSpotr is a proud black owned business.

While the PicSpotr platform was in the early development stage, our focus was on building a viable business. While we never swept race or color under the carpet, we rarely addressed the subject of who we were and where we stood on the issues of color and racial disparity.

BLACK LIVES MATTER (#blacklivesmatter)
BLACK BUSINESSES MATTER (#blackbusinessesmatter)

We are proud of the diversity of our client base and will continue to support each and every business that is part of our growing family. As we enter the growth phase of our journey, we are working to add new business markets and industries in addition to addressing topics and challenges specific to the black small business owner.   As COVID-19 has emerged as a killer of small businesses across the country, our goal is to expand and grow so that members of our communities can build successful, thriving, sustainable small businesses.

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