March 2021 Release Notes

Check out one of our biggest updates yet with changes to workflows, pricing, clients, payments and customer support.

Workflows: we just fixed a major issue where tasks were firing but not creating the actual documents (invoices, contracts, questionnaires). Unfortunately, we can't resolve the past tasks that most of you have completed manually. This was weeks in the making and we'll keep monitoring to ensure it's working correctly.

Pricing Plans: We have begun the rollout of our new three tier pricing. This allows you to pay for what you need as you grow your business. We're introducing a Forever Free plan which allows you to try our features in a limited way. Also a Pro plan which gives you unlimited access to the basics and a Premium plan that allows you to grow your business with our scheduler, automation and insights. Pricing plans will be published on our website later this week.

Clients: We've added e-mail validation when you add a new client. This will ensure that the e-mail address your client has provided is a good/valid email account.

Invoices: We resolved an issue where invoices were not calculating the correct total amounts. This was happening with packages in particular when the quantity or item rate's were not added.

Square Payments: Many of you have informed us that your clients' payments and refunds with Square prompt a system error from time to time. In most cases, this happens because your Square integration expires. When this happens, you'll now see a message on your PicSpotr dashboard alerting you to reconnect your integration. We've also built a tool to try and do this automatically however, that will not work 100% every time. FYI. This problem only happens with Square.

Customer Support: We've partnered with Zendesk to introduce a new customer support center. This provides us with better ways to track bugs and your help requests.


What's next?

Here's our roadmap for the next couple months:

Deep e-mail and calendar integration: We're starting to work on integrating our platform directly with your inbox and calendars. This will allow you to see and respond to clients using your actual e-mail directly from PicSpotr. You will no longer need to use the sync link for calendar integration; we will allow you to connect your PicSpotr account directly with your calendar provider so that you can actually plan your shoots and events based on your REAL schedule.

Updated website: We're updating our website to highlight all of our features and our new pricing.

New Payment Platform (lower rates and ACH): We're excited to introduce a new payment platform for our US customers. The Cardconnect by First Data platform will provide you with a lower credit card processing rate than our other platforms as well as allow you to collect payments by check/ACH online.

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